J.P Brook & The Feel Good Band

Download of the Week: J.P Brook & The Feel Good Band

“Did you watch them burn the house we don’t live anymore?”

As winter sets in and the night draws in earlier each day I find most nights are spent searching for that perfect band to spend those cold evenings in front of a fire to. Well recently a local band came to light called J.P Brook & The Feel Good Band and have made my cold winter evenings what they should be, toasty.

With each song comes a voice full of honesty, charm and passion. A voice claimed to be similar to the likes of Bruce Springsteen. His lyrics influenced by his surroundings and experiences, front man Jay uses every ounce of his being to bring each song to life, channelling real human feelings that leave the audience enthralled and full of anticipation.

So if you want to fill your cold winter evenings with the delights of J.P Brook like me, I urge you to light a open fire, fill the room with candles and close your eyes and listen as you fall head over heels in love with J.P Brook & The Feel Good Band.