Fury and the Mouse

Fury and the Mouse – The Seahorse of Undesirable Truth

After living in Saskatoon for most of our lives, Fury and the Mouse set off on a journey to the west coast in the fall of 2005. With everything packed in a van, we decided to settle in the island town of Victoria, BC. Shortly after moving we began creating the sounds found in The Seahorse of Undesirable Truth, taking some of the new surroundings as inspiration. After working for a year on new material, Fury and the Mouse headed to Vancouver to record The Seahorse of Undesirable Truth with Jesse Gander at The Hive studios in the summer of 2006. The album was then released shortly after, just in time for a cross-Canada tour.

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Fury and the Mouse – Learns Magic

Many did not hear the final release by Fury and the Mouse, since there were only 100 copies made of this six song EP. Many of the songs represent the growth and maturity of a band who liked to experiment with different rhythms, sounds, and time signatures. Many of these experiments feel a bit more seamless and put together. With the album title and the song “The Backyard Cats Learn Magic” being inspired by their fancy yet friendly house cat Bela (and her neighbourhood friends), we recorded these songs with Matt and Thomas from Run Chico Run in Victoria. The band played a final show in June 2008 after deciding to go our separate ways, shortly after releasing Learns Magic.

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Blair Brooks, keyboards and vocals.

Photos by Ryan Jackson.