PS I Love You

Pick of the Weekend: PS I Love You

Kingston, Ontario’s PS I Love You has the joyous distinction of being attached to one of the worst band names to come out of Canadian indie rock in recent history.

And having sexpot Hilary Swank endorse you by making a movie of the same name doesn’t exactly get anyone off either.

However, despite the wiener of a moniker, PS I Love You are an energetic, yelpy indie dance duo, delivering a mammoth of a live show despite the diminutiveness of their line-up. Check out the song “Facelove” from their LP Meet Me At the Muster Station if you need any more proof.

Opening the show are Saskatoon’s Jeans Boots, who were apparently threatened by local police at their last concert, as well as Cannon Bros from Winnipeg.

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PS I Love You