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Saskatoon’s psych-purveyors Golden Smoke destroyed themselves far too soon. The band broke up shortly following the vastly underrated album Resurrection City – an ironic title if there ever was one.

Or fitting, especially in light of the band’s reformation this Friday, September 23 at Amigos Cantina as part of CFCR’s FM-Phasis.

Golden Smoke formed in 2007 following the demise of local doomspeakers Sunndown. The four-piece released two albums and played a smattering of shows. Band highlights include playing alongside legendary cult figure Damo Suzuki of Can along with a soundboard recording of the event, shortly before the inevitable…

Golden Smoke imploded in a maelstrom of too much sexiness for one band. Or ego. Or it was simply time to end on a high note with a trail of some truly inspired recordings left as a suicide note for audiences.

But thank the failing heavens that they are back, and may a sickly god have mercy on us all.

Golden Smoke

The following was submitted by Golden Smoke’s Chad Munson.

“Just a bit of background on the Damo Suzuki set. It was all improvised – Damo refused to talk about what we were going to do before we played. The instrumentation is Chris Laramee on guitar, Charles Lemire on bass, Terry Mattson on drums, Chad Munson on guitar and farfisa, in addition to Slow Down Molasses’ Tyson McShane on guitar. And, of course, Damo Suzuki on vocals.

Meeting Damo was truly amazing, likely the highlight of my life thus far. I mean I fucking played with a member of Can!”

[audio: Smoke with Damo Suzuki.mp3|titles=Golden Smoke with Damo Suzuki]

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