The Sheepdogs

Ewan Currie of The Sheepdogs’ Solo Material

In addition to his wildly successful day job as lead riff slinger in The Sheepdogs, front man Ewan Currie is also something of a solo musician as well – go figure.

In-between touring in Australia or shooting videos in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park, Currie somehow found the time to record a literal deluge of material – over 40 songs, including a cover tune.

But despite the controversy surrounding the band – which may or may not be blown over by now depending on how much weight you put into the Huffington Post – Currie’s solo material is something of a breath of fresh air.

The songs that populate Currie’s Bandcamp page run the gamut from classic rock barn burners to bluesy-folk pop soliloquies. None of the material strays too far off the The Sheepdogs’ leash, but it does make for an excellent companion – fans of the Saskatoon four-piece might have a new best friend in these recordings.

Keeping consistent throughout the recordings – which could easily have been dug out of a steamer trunk from the estate sale of a ‘70s FM radio rock station – is Currie’s distinct voice, which sounds almost subdued compared to his howlings on his trademark tune “I Don’t Know.”

With all the hype surrounding the band’s rocket-ride to uber-stardom – which now unfortunately includes “salty” vomiting and “salacious” karaoke with Rolling Stone’s Austin Scaggs – it is easy to forget that at the root of it all, Currie and his band are truly interested in the music.

Currie’s Bandcamp is, if nothing else, a dog-eared page in the group’s progression from music underlings to magazine models.