Murder by Death

Download of the Week: Murder by Death

The first contact I had with the band Murder By Death I thought they were jerks. I was booking a show for Against Me and Murder By Death was brought in as the opening acts. The agent for the band faxed me a contract – it was 20 pages of nonsense. I angrily crossed-out demands for private parking stalls, English-speaking chefs and round-the-clock access to a sauna before returning it. Fuck those guys.

Upon meeting the band, however, I quickly took back my opinion: they were some of the nicest people I ever met.

Combining country-noir punk rock anthems with haunting cello lines, Murder By Death set the soundtrack for an old-timey western murder scene.

Total mandatory listening: Murder By Death’s cover of “Don’t Cry” originally by Guns ‘n’ Roses – I guess there is a heaven above me.