Pick of the Weekend: Fishbowl Fest

Spanning the entire weekend, Fishbowl Fest is jam packed with plenty of local punk talent. As promoter Sully Sullivan explains, there are plenty of bands new to the scene making their debut at the Fest.

“This show is actually going to be a first show for about five new local bands and we just want to give all the bands we can a chance to get there name out there,” says Sullivan.

“We just enjoy putting on shows to get everybody together and have a good time,” says Fishbowl promoter Sullivan. “Seeing all the people into the music and having fun makes it all worth it in the end.

Friday, August 12:

7:00 pm – Morning Fresh
7:40 pm – 908
8:20 pm – Filthy Senioritas
9:00 pm – Myles and the Blanks
9:40 pm – The Delinquents
10:30pm – Static Thought
11:10pm – Zombie bouffant
11:50pm – Exoskeleton

Saturday, August 13:

6:00 pm – Kanker
6:40 pm – Consequence
7:20 pm – Grimace
8:00 pm – 908
8:40 pm – Paranoid Faction
9:20 pm – Palliate
10:00pm – Heard of Waster
10:40pm – The Struggle
11:20pm – RDC
12:00pm – The BelleDonnas
12:40pm – Memphis Belle