Shooting Guns

Pick of the Week: Lucifest

Continuing from our diatribe on local psych-slingers Shooting Guns, Amigos Cantina will be hosting an onslaught of all things metal and evil.

Shooting Guns will be returning to their faithful congregation in Saskatoon on August 4th for the official local release of Born to Deal in Magic at Amigos Cantina as part of Lucifest Vol. 2 presented by Somnambulist Sound System.

The bill also includes locals Grey Light District, Antania, Calgary duo Mares of Thrace as well as limited edition silk-screened posters by local artist Cate Francis and video terrorism by local schlock-master Tyler Baptist of Bad Monster films.

Shooting Guns also played the first volume of Lucifest which Gunner Steve Reed remembers fondly.

“We had such a great time last year – LavaGoat blew us away,” he recalls. “I hear Tyler is working on some blasphemous projections. It’s the perfect setting for our album release, and might be our only show this summer so don’t miss it. Forecast says cyclones in the alley.”

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— With contributions from Skot Hamilton.

Shooting Guns