Untimely Demise

Untimely Demise Sign with Sonic Unyon Records

Sonic Unyon Records have recently announced the signing of Saskatoon’s Untimely Demise. Concurrently, anonymous local bangers are rumoured to be slaying a case of Brewhouse in the alley behind the Fez in celebration.

Beery salutes notwithstanding, with the completion of their newest full-length album, entitled City of Steel, the three-piece thrash metal group are, understandably, stoked.

“Untimely Demise and Tim Potocic, President of Sonic Unyon Records, had been in talks since the release of the Full Speed Metal EP in May of 2009,” says bassist Murray Cuthbertson. “He expressed immediately that he thought the band was gifted, and writing some amazing music. Once they heard the City Of Steel LP they were impressed with the musical growth the band had experienced in just one year. Couple that in with all of the independent touring and the high profile shows the band had played with 3 Inches Of Blood, Evile, Into Eternity, Toxic Holocaust, Gama Bomb, Bonded By Blood, and Goatwhore, the label realized that now was the right time to bring the band onto the Sonic Unyon roster.

“I think the attention that we will garner from this will open more doors for the group, such as US tours playing support for bigger bands, some slots on European festivals, and so forth.”

Untimely Demise

Slamming out hugely complex tech-metal at breakneck speeds, Untimely Demise is one of Saskatoon’s premiere power thrash acts. Combining an undying love of classic metal solos with insanely tight rhythms and pounding drums, the group has developed an intense live show that doesn’t skimp on the horns.

And with the hype surrounding City Of Steel, Untimely Demise is poised to escape the typical Saskatoon curse of being a massively talented-but-otherwise unnoticed band.

“The deal may add additional accolades and prestige to it all, but in reality it has been our tireless touring around the country since 2009 and playing with international metal giants on numerous occasions,” agrees Cuthbertson. “Having the ability to contact Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth/King Diamond) out of the blue in 2008 and have him agree to produce two amazing albums in his private studio, and more importantly, appreciate the music enough to want to collaborate on the tracks with guest solos is something that other independent Saskatchewan metal bands could only dream of.”

Even though there is still a bit of a wait for the full-length to hit the pit – Cuthbertson states that the North American release of City Of Steel will be on September 13th, with European and other international release dates to follow soon after – Untimely Demise are already working on their next release.

“Right now we are about halfway through writing the next album,” says guitarist Matthew Cuthbertson. “The band never stops writing riffs; when we get enough quality ideas that work together we start crafting them into individual songs. As for the material, it’s a blend of really heavy technical riffs with melody passages and the occasional clean rhythm to let the songs breathe and allow the heavy stuff to come off even more intense to the listener.

“So far we have played a couple of the new songs live and the reactions have been more than flattering.”

Untimely Demise