Paul Kuzbik

Paul Kuzbik Interview

Paul Kuzbik, a wunderkind veteran of the local bar rock scene, is unleashing his latest project called Fountains of Youth.

While still in its infancy stages, Kuzbik promises the group won’t stray too far from his previous solo work as well as that of his band Higgs Bozon. However, the Fountains of Youth cover enough original ground that fans will still experience a few surprises despite the familiar sound.

“It’s basically an outlet for us to play the music we love to play, and to get it to the people who want to hear it,” says Kuzbik. “We grew up on a lot of the soul, blues, and R&B music of the sixties and seventies, but we’re all children of the nineties, so rock bands like Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers have had a big influence on us as well. I think you can hear a mixture of these influences in our sound, but we’ve got our own sound too.

“I put “Good Intentions” online right after I finished writing the song,” he continues. “Initially I intended to record it with the video camera so I’d have a finished copy of it, but I listened to it a couple of times and decided it would be a good way to start things off. I’m a singer/songwriter first and foremost, and part of our live show is going to be a stripped down acoustic mini-set.”

And with summer fast approaching, Kuzbik and Fountains of Youth will be making several local appearances soon.

“To start with we’re playing some smaller acoustic shows around Saskatchewan and Western Canada,” says Kuzbik. “Our first is an exclusive house concert on May 26 in Saskatoon. Throughout the summer we’ll be doing webcasts and local gigs as we finish off our debut album. We hope it will be done late summer/early fall, and we’ll have our site up soon with tour dates.”