Retro Download: Sunndown

SunndownSunndown played a handful of shows in Saskatoon in 2005 – 2006. Loud riffs and beer were probably the two biggest influences on the band. The band came together jamming in the back room or basement of the Vinyl Exchange, where Chad worked at the time. We disbanded when Chad moved to Victoria, but people seemed to like us so when he came back through town touring with his Victoria-based band American Geography we played a reunion show at the Bassment (RIP). We jammed the night before for less than an hour, having not played for over a year together, and Chris broke a string so that ended the jam. We still played a fun set the next night and I’ll always remember Chris saying “We’re Sunndown. This is our first show in a year and a half. We’ve only practiced once. I apologize for everything.”

That pretty much sums up the existence of the band.

We recorded these live demos in pretty much in one or two takes each. I’m not sure how distributed these recordings are but you might as well have at them.

— Tara Dupuis

Sunndown was:

Chad Munson – guitar/vox
Chris Laramee – guitar/vox
Tara Dupuis – bass
Simon Tesfay – drums

[audio: Atlantic Mass.mp3, Two Lane Blacktop.mp3, Calm.mp3|titles=Atlantic Mass,Two Lane Blacktop,Calm]
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