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Bleeker Ridge at Rock Bottom

July 31, 2014 @ 8:00 pm

Rock Bottom Presents: Bleeker Ridge and Guests

Thursday July 31st, 2014
Doors at 8pm
Show at 10pm

Bleeker Ridge


New album “FOUR” being released internationally on Tuesday, June 4th 2013
After finding major label success and touring the country with some of the edgiest rock bands on the planet, a more mature, battle tested Bleeker Ridge returns with their latest album, the hard-hitting, intense and gritty Four.
The Orillia, Ontario quartet has returned not only to its indie roots after parting ways with their label, but has firmly grasped the rudder of their careers to present a no-holds-barred rock and roll assault that sees the band turning inwards like a band of brothers to create an album that truly represents their artistic vision.

“With the last record, Small Town Dead the final product wasn’t really in our hands. This time around, there was so much less stress and so much more freedom. We could do what we wanted and take risks with some of the songs. We had input into everything. We chose the producer, Brian Moncarz, who was amazing. We didn’t do any co-writes. So we’re not answering to anyone but ourselves and that’s been the best,” said singer Taylor Perkins, who formed Bleeker Ridge with brother Cole (guitars), drummer Dustin Steinke, and his brother Dan (guitars) in 2003. The band previously released two albums independently in 2004 with Undertow and 2007’s The Rain.
Bleeker Ridge is all about grit and authenticity on Four, eschewing glossy production and technical perfection in favour of a rollicking rock and roll ride.
“We still like the catchy tunes, but on this album, we wanted to get more dangerous, take some chances. And that attitude pervaded our work in the studio. There might be a couple of little imperfections on the record but we didn’t want to get rid of them because it gave the song more character. The last record was a lot more polished and really perfect and clean. This one is dirtier, more real,” said
Taylor Perkins.

The lead-off single, Last Cigarette, defines the new passion and edge that permeates the songs on Four. Essentially a song about a romantic relationship in its death throes, its message can apply to a friendship or business relationship with the same potency.
“It’s one of the heaviest songs on the record. It has to do with a relationship, and getting to the point where you’re really not caring any more. It’s saying, ‘do whatever you want to me, I am past the point of caring. It’s when there are so many things beating you down that you just say, ‘I really don’t give a f***.’”
The moody tune ‘Sleep’ is also a methodically heavy song that was inspired by a sudden road trip Taylor Perkins embarked on.
“I just drove to Montreal one night, and it’s about that one night I had there. It’s really cool and introspective and kind of slow paced but still one of the heaviest songs on the album,” said Taylor Perkins.
‘I Feel Like I Don’t Belong’ is a true departure for not only the members of Bleeker Ridge but also their fans, and is the one track on Four that should surprise listeners the most.
“It’s the last song on the record and it’s nothing like we have ever done before, or what anybody would suspect. It’s really bluesy and there’s even an old-school Country element to it. I think the first time people here it they will be like WTF? But after a few listens, they will start to dig it,” Perkins explained, adding that the entire album was crafted to be diverse instead of an amalgam of cookie-cutter singles.
“We spent a lot of time putting together different versions of the track listings, and even album artwork and things like that, because we wanted to make it an interesting experience. This record has songs that we know would never be put on radio and we really don’t are. Albums need to have a flow, and you need to be able to get lost in them, and we think this is one of those albums.”
The band will be touring in support of Four throughout the rest of the year. For more information, visit




July 31, 2014
8:00 pm


Rock Bottom


Rock Bottom
834B Broadway Ave
Saskatoon, SK Canada