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For some homeowners, having lived in a house for several years completely removes the idea of moving anywhere else due to the comforts it has been providing you all those decades. Seeing your children grow up in the home, getting your first pet, cooking your first family dinner, whatever it is, family homes can be a thing of nostalgia.

It is understandable then, that many people never choose to move homes, but, it should not be any reason to upgrade them. For some, there is that never-ending inkling of wanting to change something for the better but never getting around to doing it.

Besides procrastination, the idea of moving a house is daunting, especially if your own house doesn’t sell for much, and the entire moving idea is also a tiring one. the good news is, you don’t need to do any of that. No packing of bags, or shoving things in the back of a truck, just because you’ve become used to, or bored of your home but are looking for a change.

Every real estate agent would know that Vancouver is one of Canada’s most expensive real estate markets, and houses don’t come cheap. Next to Vancouver, the only two other areas worth living in if you’re looking to get out of the suburbs are Toronto and Fraser Valley, which, not surprisingly, are even more expensive, as mentioned on this website’s statistical data. Needless to say, people are not looking to buy new property yet.

One of the simplest things anyone can do is get yours renovated. That’s right, not many people think about this solution and end up keeping the old, where it is. There are those who, however, get excited at the idea. these are part of the 90% of homeowners who live in Vancouver, and who embrace the idea of change for the better.

If you are one of the 10% that isn’t yet sure why you should be doing this too, we have a few reasons for you below, to help you to make the right choice.

Reasons Why Renovating Your Home is a Great Idea

The simple reason is that either renovating or remodeling a house can add tremendous value to your home, as well as your and your family’s lifestyle. Think about it, it is the one place you do almost everything, from sleeping to eating, relaxing, entertaining, and more. So why wouldn’t you want it to be the best place for everyone?

Let’s look at just a few reasons why this is a great idea.

Saves on Moving Costs

Perhaps starting with the most obvious reason is key. If you are a homely person, and love where you live, or the neighbourhood you live in, it makes more sense to renovate your home, rather than move elsewhere because you either need a change or things are starting to break.

Anything from adding a new deck to the back yard, to replacing your bathroom or kitchen will add to the return of investment in the long run. So, when it does come time to retire and sell your property to move into a holiday home or retirement village, you get more than what you initially had put in years ago. It is a win-win for everyone.

Buying can be expensive: Buying another property is in itself a hassle for many. It is not just the buying but also hiring someone to sell your property, moving all your things to a new place, and setting up again, that not too many households are keen on in this day and age.

As one of the few cost-effective options, renovations will cost a fraction of the price of buying a new property. Plus, there are those pesky extra fees such as stamp duty, legal fees, agency’s commission, and more to think about.

The only thing you should keep in mind is if you do decide to remodel the place that it benefits everyone living in the house. This can easily be done upon consultation with a custom home design and build service, such as a company that specializes in this particular area of expertise. They can survey the property and come up with the best solutions for changes that don’t affect the foundation as a whole but enhance it instead.

While this is happening, you can go for a couple of weeks on vacation and enjoy yourselves, so once you return your paradise will be waiting.

The second reason is to improve you and your family’s comforts. Enjoying the place, you live in is key to supporting families and building a strong foundation. Not to mention, there is no doubt that some extra space calls for more peace of mind.

The third reason can also be to go green. You can also decide to upgrade and build an eco-home, for instance, thereby doing your bit for the environment. There are plenty of great ideas for this too, and some can be found here, from turning your fireplaces into wood-burning ovens to swapping out your doors and windows, it could be anything.