How to Work with Professional Architects in London

Why do you need to work with architects in London? If you want to add extra space to your home, do a major renovation, make structure conversions, or build a new structure, you will need a professional architecture firm. Their main roles include but are not limited to planning the project, drawing the construction plans, helping with permission application, and project supervision.

The architects in London are licensed as accredited chartered practices by RIBA, and this is an important consideration you should make when choosing one. But the biggest question for many people is regarding how to work with architects in London to complete a project successfully. Here is a guide for you.

Understand Your Needs

What do you need to build? A new home, an extension, a shed, or a home renovation are popular choices. Before you select an architecture firm or even start working with them, understanding what assistance you need is very important.

Some people want to hire architects who will help them to plan and draw the structures, while others are interested in walking the entire construction journey with a qualified architect. The good thing is that most London architects are open to any task that is within their scope.

Involve Qualified Local Architects in London

From the onset of your project, you should involve a local architect. Whether you are building a new structure, doing a house conversion, or building an extension, using architects in London from the beginning makes the work easier.

From the roles we have mentioned, these professionals fit in perfectly from project planning to supervision. The reason to involve local architects in London such as Humphreysandsons is that they understand local architecture, laws, and sources of materials well. Hence, your construction project will run smoothly.

Prepare a Budget

While working with architects in London, it is recommended that you have a budget. This includes their fee, so you should confirm this first. Some other costs are involved such as permission application payments, cost of materials, and construction labor.

Architects in the UK and all over the world prefer projects that are financed in a planned manner to avoid financial challenges in the middle. The good thing is that they will help you develop the budget if you ask them.

Hold Regular Meetings with Architects in London

Creating time to work with your architect is very important. You should have regular meetings to plan and review the progress of the project. Reliable architects in London usually act as representatives and consultants for clients, which calls for regular briefings.

Apart from regular meetings with the client, the architect might call for meetings with builders and other service providers, and it is good that you attend as well. So, if you are wondering how best to work with architects in London, then consider having time for meetings until they complete the project.


It is easy to work with architects in the UK when you follow the above tips. If you have worked with these professionals before, the process will be hassle-free for you. The most important thing is to have the project run successfully. All the best!

— Featured photo by Flickr user decade_null, Creative Commons