A Beginners Guide to Fantasy Baseball

Chances are, you’ve heard of fantasy baseball. In fact, if you’re like most American adults, you probably know at least one person who plays it every year. Even if you know very little about actual baseball, with fantasy baseball, you can play and have a great time. You might go into the sport wanting to win a championship but be assured that enjoying the amity of your friends and fellow players will be what brings you back next season.

Choose Your Simulation

The first step to getting into fantasy baseball is to choose your simulation. There are many different types of fantasy baseball out there for you to enjoy. For example, the classic fantasy baseball blog says that Diamond Mind Online is fantasy baseball at its best. The reason for that is that Diamond Mind Online allows you to create your ‘Dream Team’ of players not just currently playing in MLB, but from the entire history of Baseball’s Major League. Choose from over four thousand players to see how well your favorite players as a kid and your favorite players this season work together. It’s also a very realistic simulation, even going down to showing specific weather conditions and different professional parks.

A game that intricate might not be suitable for new players, but if you are looking for a new simulation or if you really love baseball, it’s well worth a try. Other simulations available will give you more relevant choices of players from current teams. In reality, you’ll more likely use the same simulator as your friends and family if they will already be playing this. There are lots of choices out there, so regardless of your preferences, you will find something for you.

Know the Rules

This might sound overly simplistic, but a mistake made from the newbie to the veteran is not checking the rules of their exact league. Different leagues have different ways of playing, and if you don’t play within the rules, your team might be a write-off, and you’ll have no fun this season.

Draft Your Dream Team

The first thing you will want to do is prepare your draft team. Having a good draft team will put you in a great position to have a great season. If you want to prepare your draft, you will want to collect the rankings appropriate to your format, whether that’s rotisserie, head-to-head categories/points, or just season points.


Most leagues involve a few managers who really love trading. If you like to negotiate and enjoy making deals, trading will be a really fun part of the game. When you do it well, it will improve your whole experience – nothing feels better than cleaning up your roster and filling it with players that you truly believe in. You need to look at many factors when you’re making trades – understanding your trading partner’s team will enable you to make offers that they just can’t refuse. The good thing about trading in fantasy baseball is that it is a great way to hone your real-life negotiation skills – all the real-life negotiation tactics will work, so polish up on your foot-in-doors and doors-in-face tactics, and you’ll be a screaming success.

— Featured photo by Flickr user Sterling G, Creative Commons