Here’s How You Can Make Dozens Of Memes Quickly For Free

Are you someone who is pumped with the idea of creating memes and sharing them with the world? If that’s you, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that it does not take a ton of time to make one.

Creating and sharing memes is becoming easier every day and it only takes a few minutes to create one. With the right tools like, knowledge of meme culture, and the right degree of humour, you can create a fantastic meme in no time.

Here are some commendable options for meme creators which you can choose to create a meme of your own.

How Can You Make Memes For Free


If you are looking for the ultimate meme creation tool, then this is the one you want to choose. With an excellent and seamless user interface, this tool gets the job done without any tussle.

For starters, it allows you the chance to search for meme templates, if you do not want to upload your own. Furthermore, you will also have the option to animate and edit your textual entries in a professional manner.

Additionally, you will also get the option to add and edit GIFs using this tool. Overall, with a host of features and templates, this tool is among the best, allowing you to create remarkable memes.

Adobe Spark Meme Creator

With a solid user interface and an appealing window to use the features of the tool, you will find yourself falling in love with the idea of creating memes with it.

The host of features available on the website include free images, the ability to define and customize the aspect ratio of your meme, and a ready selection of library options. You get to design and customize your text and images as you like and add animation effects to them as well. Although there is no availability of free meme templates, it gets the job done with everything else.

Meme Generator

If you are looking for a free option to make interesting memes, then consider picking this one. In addition to making free memes, you will also have the option to insert custom text and images to your memes.

Using this tool you can even create your very own meme templates and use them multiple times. This may not be the high degree of sophistication which you were hoping for, but it is certainly an excellent way to start making memes in large numbers.


For a no-fuss experience with generating as many memes as you want, InVideo is certainly a brilliant tool to use. You save a lot of hassle when using this tool simply because it offers a seamless and feature-rich interface to work with.

With a wide array of free templates already available on the platform, you will have no problem picking one, adding text to it, and creating a meme that might just be the next rage on the internet. You will even have the option to add your own images to the template.

Moreover, there is a large community, which you can be a part of, to share your memes with or get ideas for your next meme creation. The simple process involved in generating memes on the platform makes it ideal for beginners as well as fairly experienced meme creators.

Meme Centre

The most interesting element of this meme creator is its community. Although the creator itself is a brilliant one, the community of memes present here makes it even more encouraging and motivating for those who want some inspiration to make new memes.

So if you are looking for something basic to get you started, this tool is a good one to experiment with. In addition to all these tools, you will also have access to a GIF creator. Choose to share your content not only on your websites but also with their community to earn reviews.


This one is probably known better as an image hosting platform but what it also does is offer a meme creation tool that allows you to create memes. You can either use one of your own images or pick one from the website, put in the text, and create a meme.

It takes under a minute to get this done and the results are fairly appreciable. So, if you are looking for something fuss-free and seamless, this option will certainly come to your rescue.


This is yet another option that makes absolutely no fuss while creating memes for you. It is very simple and straightforward and takes only a few minutes to deliver the desired results.

Pick one or more images to create your meme and add the text you want and that’s it. Your meme will be ready in no time. The interesting thing is that the tool also allows direct sharing of the memes to other platforms.


If you are looking for something with professional-quality templates, then here is a meme creator which takes the game a notch higher.

Available for selection are a host of images and templates, all of which are of professional quality. So, there are a good number of chances that you may want to use the resources offered by this tool, instead of choosing something on your own. Plus, you can also add filters to your memes to make them even more exciting.

In Conclusion

Did you find a meme creation tool that sounds right for you? We bet you will love these to create a happy birthday meme or any other meme soon. Discover this info here.

These tools are so easy to use that you can easily spin a number of memes from them in no time. This makes them highly efficient and easy to use for making as many memes as you like.

— Featured photo by Flickr user John Beans, Creative Commons