What to do in Saskatoon: Alex Bent + The Emptiness, Mobina Galore, 3 Moonjask

Alex Bent + the Emptiness, VBRTR, The Sex Geckos, Connor Newton Music and TEFRONDON

On the heels of releasing his debut album “Baby”, Alex Bent + the Emptiness presents Baby’s First Xmas, a rager of a night featuring a grab bag of genres and pals. Come celebrate, this Friday at Amigos.

Mobina Galore, The Ripperz, Hit The Streets

Pretty In Punk Fest is hosting another slamming showcase featuring Winnipeg’s Mobina Galore and The Ripperz, as well as Regina’s Hit The Streets. Come hang this Saturday at the Black Cat Tavern.

3 Moonjask, Hierocliffs, VC Vibes, Brendamachine

3 Moonjask are about to tour Japan, which is super fantastic awesome. But not before releasing their new album Lunar Elixir. Come send them off this Saturday at Paved.

Flippin’ Tapes, The Confusionaires, Ultimate Power Duo, The Lunatic Touch

Sure, it’s the holiday season and there are plenty of Xmas parties to attend, but make sure to sneak out of anything you got going on and come hang at your local punk rock rager. This Saturday at Amigos.