5 Perfect Activities When Spending Your Summer in Canada

It’s challenging to enjoy what Canada has to offer, when the weather is freezing for more than half of the year. Which is exactly why summer is one of its busiest seasons in the year. There are numerous activities, events, celebrations, and festivals that you can attend. If you are planning to spend your summer there, then make sure you consider these activities and make them part of your schedule.

In this list, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect thing for you whether you’re going with your family or your significant other.

1. Festivals

Canada is famous for many events, especially festivals. There are countless festivals that you can catch in the summer. You can attend the stand-up comedy show ‘Just for Laughs’, catch a boat in the Vancouver dragon boat festival, or gaze at the sky in the International Firework Festival. Speaking of fireworks, you can also attend the ‘Celebration of Light’ competition that is held every summer in English Bay.

2. Golf Courses

Golfing is one of the most enjoyable activities in Canada, especially in Saskatoon. Unfortunately, nobody can play golf in this city at wintertime because it’s usually covered with ice. But, things are different when it’s summer. Most likely, people like to join lots of golf courses in Saskatoon because of its infinite fields, its warm weather, and its numerous golf clubs. They’re known to be a favourite amongst people who love to play golf.

3. Nature Sights

You cannot go to Canada and not visit the Saskatchewan River, you just can’t. It is one of the longest rivers in the country and it’s also one of its most dazzling nature sights. You can also spend your morning at Lake Louise, where you can enjoy the Rocky Mountains and the nearby forests. If you still feel like you haven’t gotten enough of nature, you can book a boat tour, so you can visit the Niagara Falls and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

4. Theatre

Back in the Elizabethan age, the theatre took place in the outdoors. And, that’s exactly how Canada does it too. There are various outdoor theatres that perform Shakespearian plays, and other famous ones as well. These plays take place in a garden and the audience is usually provided with a good amount of shade and snacks.

5. Old Streets

If you’ve booked a lot of activities that take place at daytime and you’re not sure how you’re going to be spending the night time, you can consider taking a stroll in Montreal’s most ancient streets. You can visit old restaurants, bars, or even gaze at old buildings.

There aren’t many people who consider Canada when they want to travel to a foreign country in Summer. Which is a shame because then they will be missing out on a lot of events they could have been involved in. This beautiful country has a lot to offer when it comes to summertime activities. A lot of foreigners enjoy its various festivals, especially the fireworks one. Others like to play golf in the morning, while others book a ticket to see Niagara Falls or reserve seats to watch plays in the outdoors.