The Benefits of Using a Trainer for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

There are lots of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain fans who try their best to find the way to become successful in their favorite game. They spend long hours in front of their computers destroying enemies, acquiring the necessary experience, buying cool weapon and availing themselves of reliable armor. But somehow they always end up lacking something to become ultimately grandiose. Yep, my Metal Gear pals often say that game is so much like a real life: no pain, no gain. Still, I cannot agree with them fully. The point is that recently I have discovered PC game trainers, programs that can make the life of an ordinary gamer much easier and pleasurable. Of course, there are those orthodox players that prefer using their hands and brains only to achieve results in their game. But for those who choose comfort, I would recommend trainers as the best option to become mega cool in such a cult game as Metal Gear.

How Can a Trainer Help Me Succeed in Game?

The PC Game Trainer is a program that is run simultaneously with a certain game and allows enjoying some “extra benefits” and privileges by changing the game’s memory addresses and altering specific data in order to suit a player’s needs.

Rest assured, you will never find yourself tinkering with installing a trainer or incorporating changes into its settings. The truth is that developers try their best to make their products as easy and understandable as possible, since they know that their creations may be used by a category of users that are completely ignorant of the subtleties of programming. There are always detailed instructions that accompany trainers placed in special txt files. After acquiring a trainer, you can be sure that there will be no unexpected difficulties with installation and configuration.

There is one more bit of good news for those still hesitant whether to download the Phantom Pain trainer or not. You can download most of trainer programs available online completely free. Created by players and amateur programmers, these programs are distributed within gaming communities for fun and for helping others feel invincible in-game.

So, still don’t know if the game is worth is worth the candle? Don’t be shy and get your trainer to become a superhero in one of the coolest games of all times!

Bonus Tips for Players Using a Trainer for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Got the trainer for your favorite game? Congratulations! Go check some tricks you can make in the game with the help of your new magic software.

As you might have already known, you should press HOME to activate your trainer.

Tired of dying at malicious enemies’ hands? It’s all in the past now! Activate immortality by hitting F1.

Don’t like harsh sounds? Or screams of the dying foes annoy you a great deal? There is F2, the silencer, at your service.

In need of ammo? F3!

If you’re tired of reloading the weapon all the time, then don’t hesitate to press F4 and the system will do it for you.

Can boast of a sharp eye? You are not a falcon, after all! Let the trainer do this job for you, as well. Just hit F5 to get super accuracy.

F7 activates incredible heroism, while F8 helps you get rid of damaged inflicted by enemies.

You can press either F8 or F9 to speed up a certain passage of time.

If you need to increase your character’s speed, there is PAGE UP at your disposal. Still, if it’s not enough, you can always use NUMPAD 1 to get the super speed.

NUMPAD3, in its turn, activates an instant production of weapons and other items you may need.

Want to approach your enemies unnoticed. Press END and with your new super stealth you will be able to destroy hordes of them.