Here are 12 totally worthwhile reasons to go out this weekend in Saskatoon

Staying home to watch Netflix this weekend? Lame-o!

Is it true that people actually need convincing to get their collective asses out on a Friday night to shake their human butts all over the dance floor? Do jerks need to be needled to get out and pick up a pal’s newly-minted release on a Saturday?

If you were any friend of ours then no, you wouldn’t.

But then again, maybe you had a tough day at work and we should lay the fuck off. In any case, there are a lot of amazing reasons to get out and they are all pretty much self-explanatory. But in case they aren’t…

Here are 12 totally worthwhile, reasonable reasons to get out and boogie this weekend in Saskatoon:

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Jumbo – “Love Boat”

You know who loves organ riff rock? Like, a lot? Their first release off the upcoming EP Love Boat, which they are dropping this Friday at The Capitol, Jumbo lay down the foundations for some serious boogie rock and give it a good shake amidst some serious monster riffing and retro noodle guitar freakout.

moas susan

The Moas – “Cast and Hold”

Beginning with a plodding riff that ping pongs amidst an array of pedal effects, The Moas may well be the celestial gatekeepers of shimmer. Vocalist Sonia Dickin keeps a hazy cadence while the rest of the band pulsate around her, creating a textural orb of ambient noise that could guide you to some next level bliss-out – or a shoegaze daydream.

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Bombargo – “Back on Mine”

Smooth, laid back instrumentation frames the latest tracks from Bombargo. The track has a nice amble, and those guitars never once lose their DeMarco jangle cool – that is, until they suddenly leap into a tightly-wound breakdown amidst some greatly broody background noises.


Young Benjamins – “Beware of Me”

Darkly cinematic, beautifully melodic and hauntingly confessional, the latest single from the Young Benjamins sees the group capturing an increasingly-lush and complex sound without sacrificing an ounce of jubilation or emotion.


Susan – “Gold Leaves”

We haven’t had a chance to listen to the Susan tracks from their upcoming split with The Moas, which you can pick up this Friday at Amigos, but we are guessing it sounds something how a slow motion collapse into heartache and wander feels like. On their previous release, meandering noises collide politely with lightly urgent dream vocals, a pleasant ushering into uncomfort.


Ultimate Power Duo – Space Joe: Ad Astra

The Ultimate Power Duo has always had a strong sound that’s been rooted in power pop riffs and punk rock playfulness. That said, Space Joe: Ad Astra is the band’s masterpiece. A 22-track concept album that follows a continuative story line, the songwriting is more compelling – and hugely ambitious – than their past material. The riffs are anchored by pulp science fiction verses and pummelling rhythms, but the group never loses their keen sense of harmony. The album is complemented by a graphic novel, which similarly is a sprawling, and rewarding, effort.


The Basement Paintings – Time Lapse City

The Basement Paintings, a Saskatoon instrumental group that combines prog, metal and ambient textures, have brought in some big names with their latest EP, Time Lapse City. Turning to Aaron Harris – the drummer for the now-defunct California-based post-metal band ISIS – to provide album mixes, the four-piece lay down increasingly complex riffs that showcase the band’s endless well of songwriting virtuosity and formidable sense of dynamics. Very much looking forward to hearing what they come up with next.


The Foggy Notions – “Mount Everest” ​(​Teenage Fanclub cover)

On their cover of “Mount Everest” ​by the great Teenage Fanclub, The Foggy Notions sound positively jubilant, finding that hallowed ground where pop rules with a fey, velvet touch and where chiming guitars come to kiss.


A Ghost in Drag – self-titled

Mathcore four-piece A Ghost in Drag have the auspicious designation of being one of the first bands to release an album in 2015 – the group dropped their self-titled EP on the most hangover-y of days on January 1. And this New Year’s baby doesn’t disappoint. There are plenty of heavy riffs and hardcore breakdowns along with a virtual buffet of bizarro hooks and growling vocals. The musicianship on songs like “42 Below” is intensely precise – think of a surgeon removing a gall bladder in a back alley or a milk-drunk toddler wrapping all the tracks in Mario Kart in under five minutes. Precise-ly!


Autopilot – Desert Dreams

Seemingly inhabited by ghostly cries, shimmering guitar layers and dusty architecture, Saskatoon power-pop trio Autopilot’s latest single “Battles” – taken from their upcoming album Desert Dreams – is a fierce, surging song to drift away to. Amidst a driving drum march, vocalist Marlon Harder leaves an intriguing and mysterious imprint that’s both energetic and blissful.


The Pistolwhips – On Your Side

Flawlessly executed, On Your Side is a strong effort from The Pistolwhips, a group that seemingly has an endless supply of searing guitar solos and gruff, radio-ready vocals. Within the span of 10 tracks, the band runs through a myriad of styles while retaining a signature sound that never grows thin.

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Black Vienna – “Savin Up My Pennies”

Remember that time you heard that really amazing guitar solo and you thought you dropped your keys? Black Vienna are about to take you on hard rock journey where you might lose a few more sundry items, including your long-haired inhibitions. That’s a good thing, yo.

Need another reason?


Okay, that’s it!

Need a directory? Fine:

– Jumbo, Black Vienna and Old Towns at Capitol Music Club
– The Moas, Susan and The Foggy Notions at Amigos
– Autopilot, Chica Boom Boom and Man Meat at Vangelis
– Young Benjamins at The Bassment

– Tasman Jude and The Do Good Badlies at Capitol Music Club
– The Pistolwhips at Amigos
– The Basement Paintings, Conduit and A Ghost in Drag at Vangelis