School’s Out Forever: Louis’ looks back on the past year of shows

Disclaimer: School might not actually be out forever, results may vary

Like moles holed up in sprawling underground fortresses, university students have emerged from their classes with looks of pie-eyed bewilderment and confusion. Finals are wrapped up and school, for some anyway, is out. Forever.

Alice Cooper, I’d kiss you right now if you weren’t swimming with disease.

Similarly, it’s been one heck of a year for University of Saskatchewan venue Louis’, who have been putting on some of the most memorable shows in Saskatoon this past year. Dan Smolinski, who has been booking shows at the campus venue for just over a year, says that it’s been one for the books.

“This is sort of like a report card for ourselves,” says Smolinski. “School is out and we don’t do as many shows during the summer.

“Pennywise is going to be fucking crazy on Sunday though.”

Not to mention the Ten Second Epic show with Living with Lions tonight.

Without further ado, here are some highlights of the past year’s worth of shows at Louis’, courtesy of Dan.

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