MakeLiars release single from upcoming EP: Download of the Week

Saskatoon trio drop “Saneya” in advance of upcoming six-song EP

Live, MakeLiars are one of those rare bands that sound like a crystal clear reproduction of their studio selves, a cadre of musicians who play their instruments with an eerie, flawless precision. This likely has to do with the fact that the group’s jam space also doubles as a studio, where their ideas can be endlessly fleshed out and revisited.

On their newest single “Saneya”, the lead single from their upcoming six-song EP out this spring/summer, the Saskatoon-based trio fuse together triumphant rock guitar lines with songwriting that is equal amounts rough hewn melody and gravel. Rhythm-wise, the song keeps a fairly even keel tempo-wise, but with a slight swing throughout.

MakeLiars seem to have entered themselves in the CBC Searchlight contest as well – you can find their CBC profile HERE.