Jeans Boots release split EP with So Young: Review

“Summer Hits” is a sunny kiss that is part love and part blemish


The sun went down at 8:30pm last night. Like it or lump it; the season is fading away like a good-sized bruise.

Earlier this year Saskatoon’s Jeans Boots released a split 7″ with London, Ontario band So Young entitled “Summer Hits”. Both songs are vaguely abrasive amidst some serious simmering pop melodies. It’s like a sunny kiss that is part love and part blemish.

And, also like summer, it’s a little short.

So Young’s side, a song titled “Keeping Secrets”, is sweet-but-raw, fleeting-but-memorable pop song marked by bouncy bass lines and hummable vocal lines. The Jeans Boots song “Asshole” begins with some fuzzed-out riffs that are immediately balanced by a flaming chariot of pure pop vocal leads and a brief, chaotic noise interlude.

The 7″ follows So Young’s seven-song EP and Jeans Boots’ Z0RG C1TY EP.

Rumour has it very few were made, so it might be wise to catch one before it’s gone forever.

Like summer.