Craven Country Jamboree Looks Like a Really Sexy Time

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Like a strange rash, Craven Country Jamboree once again descends upon the dusty plains of Saskatchewan, running from July 11 to the 14.

Bringing in performers such as Tim McGraw, The Dixie Chicks and Kenny Chesney, every year thousands of prairies people head out just to revel in the mud, muck and booze-soaked party.

Sounds like a total banger, right?

Earlier this week News Talk Radio reported that Planned Parenthood Regina is essentially bracing themselves for a post-Craven rush. You can read about that HERE.

So, after a precursory poke around Twitter following #Craven, it’s actually a little cringe-worthy to read what people are saying about the country music festival. Everything is innuendo, and subsequently is really hilarious and/or creepy. Especially that thing that guy said about the burrito and his mouth.

Sigh. Ominocity will go next year, we promise.

-Photo from Flickr user “Mark Bridge” – Creative Commons