Mario LePage releases video for single “Wilfred”: Interview

Music video to be presented at Festival Cinergie

Mario LePage, a Saskatchewan singer/songwriter, has released a video for his single “Wilfred”. The video, which features a strange masked figure, will be presented at Festival Cinergie this weekend.

The festival showcases feature films from Francophone countries all over the world, as well as professional and student short films; all films are subtitled in English.

Ominocity caught up with LePage for a quick chat about the video and plans for his next release.

Ominocity: What was the inspiration behind making this video?

Mario LePage: To be honest the video is up to interpretation… I like to think its about Wilfred who is the character of the song. The bird-like being is always in his head, thinking too much about what is to come, thinking about his beliefs bla bla bla. When people watch it it’s more of an entertaining video than anything concrete that has a real story line to it.

OM: Any upcoming shows at all? Albums? Fun things?

ML: No upcoming shows, but I have just signed with an agency based out of Montréal, which will permit me to bloom nicely I hope. I got accepted into “Les Rencontres qui Chantent de Petite Vallée”, where I will receive free professional workshops. As for an album, I am working on an EP at home, and trying to accumulate funds to bring the final product into a professional studio to release an EP of epic quality.