The Classy Chassys preview song from upcoming album

Local Rockabilly group to bring the party in May with Ain’t No Thang

The Classy Chassys, a Saskatoon-based rockabilly group, have released their song “With Class” in preview of their upcoming album Ain’t No Thang.

Although there isn’t yet a confirmed date for the release show, upright bassist Dan Neumeier says the band is planning a shindig this May.

And by release show, we, of course, mean party.

“Yes, it will be a party album, because we are a party band,” says Neumeier. “We are a rockabilly band but this isn’t some throwback 50s album. Obviously it is a rockabilly record but it has a real kick up its backside, and is laced with blues and jazz. All of the songs on the album differ from each other but they still work together. There are a couple of slower numbers as well which turned out beautifully.”

Dropping high-energy sounds with the flick of a switchblade comb, The Classy Chassys unleash a wild live show that is both raw and endearing. Having appeared on the first season of Canada’s Got Talent, the group is gearing up to bring their new album to audiences.

“The first bit of response to the lead single ‘With Class’ has been great and I think the rest of the album will not disappoint,” says Neumeier. “The Saskatoon crowds have been very good to us for the five years we’ve been a band. We can’t wait to share this album with them, and the people who have yet to discover us.”