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Regina band recovers stolen gear

Anonymous tip lands alleged gear thief in police custody

Back on Friday, Oct. 26, Regina’s Chronobot reported that their gear had been stolen from their van, which at the time was parked by the CO-OP on 8th Street in Saskatoon.

However, on Saturday, Dec. 1, Chronobot announced via their Facebook page that the alleged gear thief was in police custody.

We just finished our 2nd show this weekend and are extremely pleased to announce that with the help of an anonymous individual (as well good buddies and great bands) that the peice of shit who stole our gear is in custody… To our friend whom tipped us off we are getting mangled in your honor!!! Love you all and thanks for everything!!

According to online sources, the band will also be getting back their gear, although it is currently unclear as to what specifically has been recovered.

Ominocity would like to send out a huge thanks to the Saskatoon Police Service and the “anonymous” tipster, who had messaged us about this a few days ago. Now lets all go buy this good samaritan a drink.