Come Hell or High Water: Interview

Saskatoon’s Come Hell Or High Water set to release new single on Apr. 1

The first time I met Matt Stinn, lead singer and guitarist of Saskatoon’s Come Hell or High Water, he offered to give me a hug. I turned him down.

I probably should have taken him up on it.

Awkwardness notwithstanding, Stinn’s band proved to be an even better introduction – Come Hell Or High Water play poppy, punk-influenced rock with an emphasis on vocal melodies and consistently high energy levels. Having released an acoustic EP for free on their Facebook page, the band recently dropped their latest single entitled “Caffeine Addiction” on March 17, and plan on releasing their next song “Nightlife” this weekend on April 1.

(Check out their recordings HERE.)

Ominocity caught up with Stinn for a quick glimpse into the inner workings of the group, some reflection on their latest material and why I should have taken him up on that hug.

Ominocity: Was there anything different this time around with your latest recordings? Is it part of a full-length album?

Matt Stinn: Our first EP was actually a solo effort by myself and I had never planned for this project to be a full band and it only came to be because of popular demand. This time around the music was written by the full band rather than them learning my already recorded tracks, so it allowed for better bass and drum lines as well as numerous additional influences to show through. We currently finished recording two singles but plan on recording a full EP before Christmas.

OM: Any upcoming plans, shows, etc.?

MS: Future plans include numerous local shows – May 18 at the Sutherland Hall – as well as a Alberta/Saskatchewan tour late July/early August.

OM: Anything else to add?

MS: We like long walks on the beach and we are big fans of non-non-alcoholic beers and sensible life choices.