Clunt and the Scrunts

Download of the Week: Clunt & the Scrunts

Filed under “Where Are They Now”, ex-Saskatonians Chris Reimer and Clint Needham have recently released an eponymous EP as Clunt & the Scrunts, a Victoria-based two-piece.

Reimer once put in time as the drummer for Fury and the Mouse and the Paper*Kites, while Needham played guitar for the Hawaiian Mafia.

However, Clunt & the Scrunts, a name that is equal parts humour, sex and awkwardness – an amazing first date, is a whole other beast entirely. Retaining a healthy, non-offensive twang – something that 99 per cent of non-country bands rarely ever pull off – the duo buffalo through five songs of countrified, mathy rock that resembles the Hot Snakes if they had grown up in the prairies. The guitar is interesting enough that no other stringed instruments are needed, but mercifully avoids ever being too showy.

However, their use of the Comic Sans font in their artwork makes my toes curl up in pain.