Pick of the Weekend: Misterfire album release show

Misterfire, a Saskatoon-based ska group, is dropping their latest album All Lit Up on Saturday, Jan. 21 at Louis’ Pub.


The album, which features 11 tracks recorded by the fine-looking gents at The Avenue Recording Company, contains the signature ska elements – upstroke guitar licks, bouncy bass lines and horns. But vocalist/guitarist Ben Fortosky is quick to point out that the band has infused a diverse palette into their set.

“We started out playing ska covers but we branched out quite a bit since then and there is a lot more diversity,” says Fortosky. “There’s still a lot of ska but there is a jazz tune in there and a latin rock tune and some reggae songs as well.”

The band officially started in 2008 under a different name, but began picking things up in 2010 when they put on their first independent show and changed their name to Misterfire.

Despite their undying love of ska, the band is comprised of musicians who moonlight under, ahem, more reputable genres. Misterfire’s bassist plays in the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra, and the majority of the group were previously in the jazz combo The Flu, which performed at the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival numerous times.

But on All Lit Up the band leapfrogs through high-octane ska that retains that solid level of musicianship and talent without ever coming off as boastful or showy. But even more importantly, Misterfire keeps things fun and dancey.

“We give a really high-energy live show,” says Forotsky. “We try and have a sense of humour about everything on stage and we like it when everything is fast-paced. We also try and throw in a few cover songs we like.

“We do Ghostbusters.”

That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day.

Check out Misterfire this Saturday, Jan. 21 at Louis’ Pub for their album release show. Opening are locals Young Benjamins, whom Ominocity will be featuring in the not-so-distant future.