The New Rockstar Philosophy

Roshan Hoover and Matt Voyno Interview: The New Rockstar Philosophy Book

After starting a music blog entitled The New Rockstar Philosophy, it seemed hugely unlikely that two bloggers from Saskatoon, Roshan Hoover and Matt Voyno, would ever scale the limitations of cyberspace. However, since the launch of their site, the two have landed an actual book deal in Italy.

Even better, they are planning on leaving to the country in the next few days to do a book tour and hopefully bring a few copies back with them.

The book is inspired by their blog, which touches on several different philosophies that the duo believes an emerging musician could use to find their way to success, whatever that is these days anymore. While some of the content is a little random – articles run the gamut from social media and publishing to Coldplay for some reason – there is a greater truth that connects all these stories together. Those who have taken classes from an online school just because you enjoy learning and getting new perspectives on things would likely enjoy this book.

And despite offering their content for free (well, email address), Hoover and Voyno managed to touch a nerve with several people in their online community. Their book is currently sitting in Italian book stores – something that both tickles and astounds the two.

The New Rockstar Philosophy

So how did two dudes from Saskatoon ever land a book deal in Italy? Hoover breaks it down like this:

1. We start blogging while writing the book.
2. We keep blogging.
3. Some people start paying attention.
4. Bigger blogs in the same space start tuning in.
5. Book comes out and we give it away for an email address.
6. Bigger blogs feature us.
7. Downloads happen and by chance- an Italian sound engineer/reader emails and wants to translate it and give it away free digitally in Italy. We’re like “cool man.”
8. We keep blogging.
9. We go to SXSW 2011 and meet him there. Find out he recorded Muse’s last three records and thinks he can get us a publishing deal for the book in Italy. We weren’t sure what to think.
10. He delivers and book comes out in October of 2011.
11. We find out we won best indie book of 2011 at MEDIMEX, an Italian industry event.

Sounds easy… I guess. However, with the two leaving soon on a book tour of Italy, Hoover and Voyno are hopeful of expanding beyond Italy to other parts of the world. Hopefully they don’t forget there is an audience in Saskatoon who are hoping to get an English translation of their book.

Ominocity: What are you looking to accomplish with your book tour then?

Hoover: I really want to go check out the place and see the book in my hands, but we’re also doing stops in bookstores and record stores across the country to promote sales of the book. We hope to come back with a copious amount of pictures, videos, and stories to share. Hopefully we can leverage that into a deal in another country as we’ve had interest for a Japanese and Portuguese translation. I would love to go to Japan and Brazil to do the same thing.

Om: So what can Saskatchewan musicians learn from your book?

Voyno: To understand that there a lot of ways up the mountain and you can do it on your own terms. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. As long as you’re willing to roll with things, embrace change, and focus on your music you’ll do well.

Hoover: I think there is this mentality that you have to tour your ass off before anything happens. This definitely does have its place, but hardly anyone wants to come out to see a band they haven’t heard of. There are a ton of artists who are working it hard on YouTube and going on tour for the first time to new places with sell-out crowds.