Paul Kuzbik

Fountains of Youth Exclusive Download

Fountains of Youth, headed by Paul Kuzbik, are dropping two of their latest songs in anticipation of several live shows leading up to their album release.

“Both of these songs will be on our upcoming debut record,” reports Kuzbik. “We are all contributing to the composition of the music, but I write all the lyrics.  I’m inspired by the stories of personal struggles and triumphs of young people in these uncertain times.

“It seems like our generation has a lot to figure out, and I like to represent that in my lyrics.”

Fountains of Youth have a fairly recognizable sound for anyone familiar with Kuzbik’s previous work. Infusing soulful rhythms and smooth vocals with tendencies towards funk, the group is surprisingly upbeat despite keeping relatively chill.

The Fountains of Youth are playing several shows leading up to their album release.

October 22nd @ Lydia’s
November 19 @ Vangelis
November 29 @ Louis’
December 23 @ The Fez (tentatively)

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