Kay the Aquanaut

Kay the Aquanaut Video Release

Kay the Aquanaut and Factor are unveiling the first single, entitled “Theme Song”, for an upcoming album that will be released early in 2012. Additionally, the duo will be performing Thursday, October 20 at Scratch to promote the release of the video.

To say the Saskatoon-based duo has been busy would kind of be almost silly – both Kay and Factor have amassed a sizeable body of work and hype in the past couple of years.

Recently, Kay the Aquanaut released his Waterloo album with Factor releasing the Club Soda Series.

Check out our recent interview with Kay the Aquanaut HERE.

In addition to Kay the Aquanaut and Factor, SideRoad Records, Circle Into Square, and FakeFour are all responsible for the creation of this video, which ‘mysteriously’ will be unveiled tonight at Scratch and at midnight tonight.

Until, you will just have to deal with hitting the refresh button every five minutes or so.