These Hands

These Hands Interview

Mike Hanson, the real life boy behind Saskatchewan’s folk singer/songwriter These Hands, recently released a video to accompany his latest song, entitled “Outside Source”, featuring Sea Oleena & Felix Green.

The video captures a detached, post-prairies vibe, featuring ghosted images amidst kaleidoscope visuals – essentially the visual representation of the discombobulation of a delay pedal.

Featuring a boreal background that floats in and out of view, Hanson states that the video is a means for him to capture his roots.

“The inspiration for the video was to expand on the theme of hometown upbringings, by shooting the video in key locations within the Prince Albert area,” says Hanson. “On another creative level I wanted to try expanding the concept of a visual mix by literally having the visuals represent a spatial headphones mix, accurately syncing to the recording at certain points in the video like the intro and main hook.”

Musically, “Outside Source” bubbles with jangly acoustic guitar lines that stroll easily alongside drum loops, ambient textures and spaced-out vocals. While the song is wholly interesting on its own, the erudite visuals make for an even stronger statement.

“The song itself is conceptually based within two separate locations, one location per verse,” explains Hanson. “The first verse is the western hemisphere, and the second is the eastern hemisphere. The verse metaphors symbolize worldly desires and primal necessities.”

Although releasing a song accompanied by a video is a daunting format to say the least, Hanson has accepted the challenge as part of his muse.

“In regards to a full-length album, I’m currently planning on releasing singles with visual accompaniments to them,” says Hanson. “I feel that this allows me to work within my means, give significance to each song/video, and it allows me to release music more often.

“It also opens the door conceptually, to further explore the structure of a song.”

These Hands is performing live at Amigos, Oct 5, with Data Romance.