My First Tooth

Download of the Week: My First Tooth

Editor’s note: In August, I had the absolute pleasure to share the stage with My First Tooth in Northampton, UK during the Slow Down Molasses “Tour Across the Sea”. In addition to making friends with the band – who I literally watched sign to a Canadian label – I met up with Hannah who runs her own blog called Ivory Faces. Hannah was nice enough to contribute a guest column for Ominocity from across the pond – go check out her website and say hi!

Sometimes the best music is the music that leaves you in a state of irrepressible happiness. When your eyes gleam, your ears tingle and every inch of your being yearns to hear more. My First Tooth is one of the only bands I can truly say does this for me. They leave you feeling all ‘snug in a bug’.

Inspired by the likes of Joanna Newsom, Bruce Springsteen, Neutral Milk Hotel and Hank Williams, My First Tooth have stormed over 350 venues and have progressed each step of the way. With their three-part harmonies, bashing drums, heart wrenching violins and suitably stylish guitars they have had the chance to play with bands among the likes of Noah and The Whale, The Antlers, Shearwater and Saskatoon’s own Slow Down Molasses.

Ross, Soph, Jo & Gareth make music that could kindle any heart and I can truly say I am honoured to have watched them grow from a solo act to a fully-realized band of happy-go-lucky characters, taking on whatever comes their way and making it an adventure.

My First Tooth