Planet S Best of Saskatoon

Vote for Ominocity in Planet S Magazine’s Best of Saskatoon Issue

Alright Ominocity readers, it’s time for a call to action! Voting is now open for Planet S Magazine’s Best of Saskatoon issue and we’re hoping to dominate the category of “Best Local Website Or Blog”.

Voting is open until September 22nd and while there’s like a bajillion categories, you only need to vote for the ones you care about.

We think it could definitely help our chances if we can tell girls that we’re award winning writers so please vote for as the Best Local Website Or Blog. Also be sure to share some love to Amigos, CFCR and your favourite local bands!

Bonus points if we can get “Explosive Diarrhea” trending for the Best Excuse For Being Late For Work!

Click here to vote now!