Light Fires

Download of the Week: Light Fires

A few months ago when my band was on tour I caught sick in most awesome way possible. My joints seared with pain, I could barely function and a tsunami of snot dribbled from my nose. In Toronto, I was introduced to James Bunton, drummer extraordinaire of Ohbijou – a like-minded band we once opened for at Amigos in Saskatoon.

James quickly became something of an angel – in addition to feeding and beering us he also offered up his spare room for me to hide out in and not feel good. Which was awesome except my delusional mind quickly convinced the rest of me that I was the worst house guest ever – likely true.

Anyway, a few months later, when I was back in Toronto for NXNE, I learned that James was in a new project called Light Fires – an awesome queer dance party that doesn’t skimp on the sass or ass. Fronted by the fabulous Gentlelady Regina (Gentlemen Reg, in case you were fooled by a truly admirable wardrobe and mascara combo), the duo has just put out a 7” featuring some truly heroic songs.

After their live set I went to go say hi to James.

“Hey Chris,” he said, shaking my hand warmly. “Need a place to stay?”

James rules – so do his bands.