Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze Just Wanted to Have Fun: Eliminating the Stigma of Dirty Dancing

Dancing is an art form that crosses cultures and times. It is a fun addition to any celebration or party and, if you are someone like me, you may just have to move your body when good music is on. One problem with dance, however, is that many people believe that dance is a sexual precursor and reveals not only how well one will perform in the bedroom, but also how interested one’s partner is in having sexual relations with him or her.

Through the ages, dance has been very much linked to fertility and a search for a sexual partner. Some psychologists also link the most alluring female dancers with being the most fertile, and the best male dancers with having the highest levels of testosterone. Charles Darwin himself asserted that dance was a key player in selecting a mate, and George Bernard Shaw claimed dance to be “a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.” Although the evidence clearly points to the sexuality inherent in dance, to simply say that dance is simply just sexual expression and flirtation would be to restrict its true reality and send the wrong message to many men and women on the dance floor.

Dancing is a really fun way to respond to music. One does not have rub their junk on another person’s leg to enjoy the fine merits of dance. Little kids like to jump around or spin on the dance floor and it doesn’t seem to be in order to get laid. The party the Ewoks had at the end of “Return of the Jedi” was in order to celebrate the end of a galactic war and, as far as I have interpreted, not really to show off their sexuality. Some may argue that “dirty” dancing, or the simple activity of grinding with someone has serious sexual implications, but research has suggested that “dirty” dancing is not actually an indicator of the likelihood of casual sex with a partner. Due to this evidence, then, perhaps it is time for those who are busy interpreting sexy dance moves as indicative of how loose a person is, to stop thinking of dancing in terms of sexuality and begin to think of dancing just as a fun form of self expression to music. If a person wants to have sex with you they will let you know in other ways including, surprise, actual verbal communication. If everyone removed themselves from the idea that dancing is just “Sex Jr.”, perhaps more people would be actually able to enjoy themselves on the dance floor without worrying that they are sending the wrong message. After all there is nothing worse than watered down pelvic thrusts and shimmy shakes.