Hand Cream

Download of the Week: Hand Cream

There are these two girls I used to see around in Montreal who always had these rad bands on the go. Even better, their bands had some of the best names ever like Denial Tone and Drunk Dial. Ouch. One time I was having a really bad night at L’Escogriffe on St. Denis and Meghan made me dance with her, which made me feel better but unfortunately didn’t sober me up any. Ouch.

Shacking up with and shedding band dudes like bad boyfriends, Crystal and Meghan have a new thing on the go called Hand Cream. It sounds like noise anthems for kicking down the neighbour’s door when you’re drunk on gin or making unwanted ears bleed at a dive bar on St. Laurent. It also sounds like their old bands, which, of course, is total rad.