Janky: An Odyssey into Touring, Heartbreak and General Fuckedupedness with Slow Down Molasses was written, illustrated and compiled by Chrix Morix, editor of Ominocity.


In just over a week, Janky has been downloaded over 600 times.

Crazy, right?

Thinking of it being read and re-read this many times and more, I am vertiginous with both ecstasy and fear. While it is without a doubt amazing that I have some kind of readership willing to follow my exploits, Janky is me at my most naked in a loosely-based literary sense. I hadn’t anticipated the heartbreak and having to give up coffee because it accelerated and augmented my flaring anxieties.

Simply put, this wasn’t the tour diary I was supposed to write.

But then again, I’ve always suspected that human misery and fuckedupedness is always at the heart of a good adventure, or at least one that I am able to tell. And this is probably what sets Janky apart from other tour diaries: a common-enough exploit wrapped in an all-too familiar situation.

I can say that I’m happy with this very moderate success, but in the end it still sort of sucks – you’ll know when you get to the ending.

But please enjoy moderately and responsibly anyway.

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