Local hip-hop duo release for-free-download EP as Laika

Saskatoon’s Factor and Kay the Aquanaut have joined forces as Laika to release a six-song EP entitled Pangaean Drift.


Stark-sounding with plenty of drone-y soundscapes and skittering beats, Laika is dominated by Kay’s railings on life and politics and the perpetual mash-ups of the two in the hip-hop arena.

Featuring the talents of AWOL One, the EP is reportedly a lead up to Laika’s full-length album ‘Letters From Laika’ that will be released in February of 2013.

Download Pangaean Drift HERE.

Also, check out the exclusive Ominocity hosted MP3 from Kay the Aquanaut’s newest single, entitled “Yep, The Sky Is Falling…” HERE.

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