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Unleash the Archers and Crimson Shadows at Vangelis

October 15, 2015 @ 9:00 pm

Unleash The Archers
We call on you, metal warriors, to join us on this northern passage through the forsaken wastelands of our world. Take up your frozen steel, carry onward, and listen to the hail of the tide, for tonight we ride for glory. Unite! Test your metal on the flesh of those who would stand against us! There will be no crypt for you at battle’s end, for we live in an age with no more heroes than those that rally as one, side by side to face the dreamcrusher that awaits. Rise with your metal brethren! A million strong we are going down fighting… Bound by honour, bathed in glory, for victory we fly, until time stands still around us. Hail! m/

Crimson Shadows
Is a Toronto, ON-based metal band that combines the guttural screams and blast beats of death metal with the epic up-tempo guitar harmonies and choruses of power metal.


October 15, 2015
9:00 pm


Vangelis Tavern


Vangelis Tavern
801 broadway ave
Saskatoon, SK Canada