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Ultimate Power Duo and The Faps at Vangelis

November 8, 2014 @ 10:00 pm

Vishnu. Gilgamesh. Beowulf. Ulysses. Buddha. Jesus. Luke Skywalker. Neo.

Prepare to meet the new name in mythic, epic story telling.

Space Joe.

Ultimate Power Duo presents the next character in humanity’s mono-myth, a near future character who, while exploring his true inner meaning and life path, changes humankind’s perceptions of reality and existence.

Space Joe: Ad Astra – To the Stars follows the story of a boy named Joe, an Air Force army brat who has his first experience with zero gravity in high school, before finally making his full ascension to the stars as an adult. Once among the regions of space, Space Joe meets an amazing array of characters, discovers a new meaning to his life, and creates a celestial course previously uncharted by any other human being.

Ultimate Power Duo has taken on their biggest challenge yet; a 20 track concept album following a single, continuative story line while simultaneously displaying themselves at their most musically innovative, daring to explore previously un-delved genres and styles.

Produced by UPD and Barrett Ross (Colour Field, Foam Lake, The Bloodlines) and mixed and mastered by Dave Carswell of JCDC (New Pornographers, Tegan and Sara), Space Joe: Ad Astra – To the Stars is highly accessible and highly dynamic featuring straight-ahead driving rock
songs (“Chasing Airwaves” and “Gyles Coyote: Inspirational Speaker”), slower, introspective melodies (“My Memory” and “Captain Joe and the Wayward Star Ship (Star-Crossed Lovers Cross the Stars)”), long narratives with ambient keyboards, space sounds and historical news footage regarding space missions and moon landings (“Noveture”), and spoken word musical theatre accompanied by thick, trudging guitar riffs and robotic anti-humanity ranting (“An Oral History of the Robotic Revolution, Liberation and Subjugation of Spero Spondeo”). These diverse elements elucidate essential UPD in delivery and attitude pontificating intelligent song writing, dry humour, outrageous creativity and wit.

Space Joe: Ad Astra The Graphic Novel is a jam comic in the true sense of the word; twelve different artists
represent their individual artistic styling to the twenty two songs turning the Ad Astra concept album into Ad Astra the graphic novel. Based on notes regarding song lyrics, story lines, character descriptions, and plot points, each artist created their own distinct storyline and script while retaining a plot driven story. Space Joe: Ad Astra-The Graphic Novel is a true conglomeration of multi-genre artistic endeavour. The artwork ranges from the Golden Age inspired Donny Sparrow, the neo-Silver Age work of Nathan Wall, the Iron Age look of Ken Davis, the cartoon inspired Jordyn Bochon and Elaine Will, and the feathered lined abstractions of Cate Francis.

A project of immense scope, artistic outlooks and varied styles, Space Joe: Ad Astra The Graphic Novel is an immense work representing Canada’s greatest talent.

In the vein of The Who’s Tommy and Quadrophenia, The Kinks’ Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, Space Joe: Ad Astra – To the Stars is a beginning to end musical journey and epic story-telling experience.

Ultimate Power Duo has reclaimed the art of true album making.

List of Graphic Novel Contributors:
Casper Konefal
Jordyn Bochon
Tyler Jenkins
Elaine Will
Owen Gieni
Tom Bagley
Riley Rossmo
Tyler Jenkins
Nathan Wahl
Donny Sparrow
Cate Francis
Ken Davis


Opening the show is Saskaatoon’s Faptastic:

The Faps

Since their early teens, Blair Colwell and Skyler Cafferata have been exploring the sonic landscape with little boundaries. Working together in the indie-punk outfit, Go Jeff!!!, and apart in projects ranging from acoustic folk to thrashy skate-punk, they each developed a distinct musical perspective that is both broad and focused. Drawing influence from the likes of Q and not U, Liars, and Nick Cave, The FAPS throw out catchy, eclectic noise arranged in whatever way they see fit — raw, heavy and strange. Lyrics come from both parties and cover a lot of ground; from imaginary murder mysteries to personal life experiences all wrapped up in surreal metaphors, vivid imagery and a touch of humor. For better or worse, this naturally different 2-man band won’t go unnoticed.


November 8, 2014
10:00 pm


Vangelis Tavern


Vangelis Tavern
801 broadway ave
Saskatoon, SK Canada