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Electric Revival, I’am Machi and Bloated Pig at Rock Bottom

July 11, 2014 @ 8:00 pm

Rock Bottom Presents:
Electric Revival
w/ I’am Machi, Bloated Pig and Guests

Friday July 11th,2014
Doors at 8pm
Show at 10pm

Electric Revival

Formed in late 2009, The Electric Revival, consisting of three longtime friends, hit the ground running with the release of guitarist Ian Dillon’s independent E.P. With the inclusion of longtime friends Dallas Lobb on drums, and Dan Toews on bass, the group began playing local Calgary gigs until enough material had been created to release the full length album Presenting: The Electric Revival in 2012. Due to demand, the group kept fans entertained by releasing a new single every week for 13 weeks in the summer of 2012. Following this ambitious undertaking, The Electric Revival released its second full length album Pirate Radio in the summer of 2013 and then a follow up E.P. 5 Songs by the Electric Revival later that same year. As a result of these albums,

The Electric Revival was picked up by Cruzer Media to aid in the distribution of the band’s current catalog.
With the bands ability to create and perform material that appeals to a wide audience, Ian Dillon’s ingenuity of his theremin guitar solos, and musical experience of the members, The Electric Revival has seen an increase in its fan base. The group’s first North American tour was well received in 2013, which only fueled the band’s desire to consistently provide listeners with quality material and an unforgettable performance.

For information pertaining to upcoming shows please see:

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Electric-Revival/212968818722596

Reverbnation page – http://www.reverbnation.com/theelectricrevival
To obtain a copy of any of the above described albums, please explore our current catalog on Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/the-electric-revival/id578428376


I’am Machi

Thick and chunky like cowboy coffee!
“Jileane and Nathan’s musical talents first collided in Edmonton, Alberta in 2008 when a few of their family members and them created a band called A Little Project. During the time that A Little Project was together, Jileane and Nathan found that they meshed well (not just musically either). The two of them grew as best friends and fell in love. The band lasted three years, ending due to members pursuing other lifeendeavors. Jileane and Nathan, now married, are the remaining members and are still bursting with ambition. In the spring of 2012, I Am Machi was officially created. One of I Am Machi’s founding missions was to prove that a two-piece can provide a full rock sound and stand on its own. They show that sound quality does not necessarily result from the abundance of instruments, but from the aspiration to fully understand and operate one’s instrument proficiently. Through Jileane’s diverse and driving drumming, combined with Nathan’s playful plucking, this quirky married duo of rock and rhythm deliverssongs that showcase both artists and their chosen instruments. I Am Machi values, supports, and have been greatly influenced by other Canadian rock artists. Some of these artists include Wintersleep, Mother Mother, and Plants and Animals. Even the title of their first EP, Mammal Pants—in which the booklet has a number of mammals wearing ridiculous bottom-ware—spawned from the two of them playing around with Plants and Animals’ name. Though they are a peculiar pair in many aspects, their music does center on some serious themes. Both members are responsible for writing songs and their unique outlooks and styles give I Am Machi its diverse flavour. This variety is apparent through the comparison of Nathan’s song, Sirens—which focuses on temptresses of Greek mythology—with Jileane’s song, Dying Man in Dead Man’s Clothes—which illustrates the deterioration of her grandpa on his deathbed. I Am Machi is a collision of two creative and talented perspectives that have fused together in this distinctive musical showcase.”

-Bio courtesy of Amberlie Harsch
Band Interests
Not wearing pants, whiskey, dinosaurs, lego, etc.
Artists We Also Like
Wintersleep, Hollerado, Plants & Animals, Holy Fuck, The Dudes, Colin Close, Hot Panda, Death by Robot, Minus The Bear, PUP, The Pack A.D.


Bloated Pig

Blaoted Pig is a 3 piece heavy band from Calgary Alberta, that was formed in 2006. The line-up has remained the same since.Afull length self-titled album was released in 2008 and a second full length album titled “Ways to an Early Grave” was released in August 2011. The third full length album “Made For Hell” was released on August 24th 2012. Keeping up with the regular schedule of releasing a new recording every year the “Blood Offering” EP was released in August of 2013. A music video is in the works for material from “Blood Offering” and a new EP will also be released sometime in late 2014,
Band Interests
weed, beer, Gibson USA
Artists We Also Like
Burton Cummings



July 11, 2014
8:00 pm


Rock Bottom


Rock Bottom
834B Broadway Ave
Saskatoon, SK Canada