What to do in Saskatoon: Ritual Rabbits, Punk Rock Bingo, Kaye & Co.

Morning Show, Ritual Rabbits, Twin Voices

A bunch of bands who are a bunch of good. A bonanza of musical stylings, make sure to come early and stay for the whole thinger. Friday night at Amigos? You betcha! Come or don’t!

Punk Rock Bingo

Your favourite Wednesday night event is now, at least for tonight, incrementally rowdier! This Friday night at the Black Cat, come gab and dab to the haunting comedy and music stylings of your punk rock hosts as they lead you through one baffling game of bingo after another. 

Kaye & Co. and the Pxrtals

Come for the Kaye & Co.! Stay for the Pxrtals! Happening this Saturday at the Capitol, a night of unforgettable songsmithery and musical tomfoolery will enchant your eardrums and tickle your tummy whiskers.