What does Saskatoon really want to do before it dies?

Asking someone what they want to do before they die is a bit of a morbid question, no?

The City of Saskatoon maybe didn’t see it that way when they unveiled our newest public art project, a chalkboard that asks “Before I Die I Want To…” and leaves the last part up to you.

So, what does Saskatoon really want to do before it dies?

According to one user, “travel the world.”

According to another? “Eat ass.”

What about their friend? “Lick butt hole.”

Also, “Buy a puppy.”


The chalkboard is installed under the Idylwyld Bridge at the newly-completed River Landing site. The piece is actually a very interesting destination if you don’t mind pigeon poop. And the smell of pigeon poop. Sigh.

But also, it offers a tourist post for those looking to answer those tough existential questions that may or may not be totally NSFW. Which I assume are totally encouraged by the city.

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