The Buzzardline: Video Premiere

Visceral and infectious: Saskatoon rock trio to play debut show

Rooted in Detroit inspired garage rock groups such as the Henchmen and the White Stripes, Saskatoon’s Buzzardline have been circling for the past year awaiting their debut show.

Fronted by Matt Smith, along with Hal Schrenk and Jesse Dawson, the group came together over their collective love of blues-driven riffs and heavy rock beats.

Recording an in-studio video session with SJ Kardash at Full Color Music, along with Electric Umbrella and Insomniak Media, Smith says this is all just the beginning of a new thing.

“We’re hoping to play a few shows over the summer months, and maybe recording an EP later summer or early fall,” says Smith.

Call it an official launch. The Buzzardline had previously gigged around at open stages at The Capitol, winding their way to a sound Smith had been crafting on his own over the past year.

Along with snakey guitar lines, and howled vocals, the rhythms on “Call Home” are nailed down with razor sharp precision.

“I think the vibe of our music is really visceral and infectious, huge beats, heavy hitting sound,” says Smith.

“We want to carry the energy of our music to the stage, hopefully the music tells the stories of the songs.”

The Buzzardline will be opening for The Rebellion at The Capitol on Friday, May 8.