Punk Rock Halloween returns to Saskatoon

Halloween for Humanity goes down on October 31, the most spooky of nights

Halloween for Humanity has returned to Vangelis for a third year. And, if the previous years are any indication, it’s likely going to be one hell of a party.

Yeah, yeah. We always say that. But it’s true. And the proceeds are going to charity, so win-win.

Ominocity caught up with some of the musicians who are performing this year to ask them the following question: Why cover your favourite band? And what makes them so special anyway?

Janice Beaudry – The Nerves

(The Nerves are) deceptively simple – they aren’t too savoury and aren’t too sweet with songs that turn around on a dime, like it’s the only dime you’ve got!

Jeff Pederson – NOFX

They have been one of my favorite bands for 20 years. They caught me when I was young, hyper and had a 2:00 minute attention span. They are sneaky talented and the songs are far more challenging and complex than I ever gave them credit for (until they put out The Decline). NOFX is the reason I wanted to play music, and finally getting to play in a punk band is a 20 year itch that I can finally scratch, even if it’s just for one show.

Skot Hamilton – Joy Division

On a personal note, selecting Joy Division was part of a long term revenge plan for me. The first song I suggested Adolyne cover was “Day of the Lords” and I was shot down. It took over ten years and replacing half of the band, but I’m finally being publicly vindicated. They’re also one of the only bands that match our embarrassing level of earnestness. As long as over sensitive teenagers are breaking each others’ hearts and then spending a dreary season half-hardheartedly mulling over suicide they will need a soundtrack. The ones with any taste at all are going to spend that month with Joy Division. I know I did.

Amber Neal – Black Flag

I’d been annoying Aaron for details about this year’s lineup, and I half-jokingly suggested we do a Black Flag band and make it all girls. It would be fun to dress up all girly and mock macho-culture at the same time, be really aggressive and get into people’s faces, yelling and drinking and such. Plus Black Flag is iconic and I wanted to do something that people would get really stoked about. Aaron thought it was a great idea, but we couldn’t find two other girls who could learn the drum and guitar parts in time so we settled for two pretty boys instead. Maybe Nicole and I will make them wear dresses on stage.