Grilledcheesapolooza 4 rolls out their 2013 festival line-up

Music and grilled cheese sandwiches once again come together in Kindersley, SK

Grilledcheesapolooza 4, a music festival taking place in Kindersley, SK on June 22, has unveiled their 2013 line-up.

grilled cheese costume

The Basement Paintings (Kindersley, Eston)
Castle River (Saskatoon)
Blackwater (Prince Albert)
Pandas In Japan (Kindersley, Saskatoon)
The House Band (Brock, Kindersley area)
September Long (Saskatoon, Kindersley)
Bay & Rails (Prince Albert)
Soft Cotton (Kindersley)
Two Against One (Kerrobert)
Small Town Rivals (Saskatoon)
Slow King (Czech Republic)

For those not in the know, Grilledcheesapolooza is a celebration of small town rock. It’s actually a little bizarre, but it’s also some of the most fun you will have all summer. Grilled cheese sandwiches, of course, are the main act. You may even see some dudes who want to grow up to become a grilled cheese sandwich.

For more pictures and other nonsense, read Ominocity’s review of Grilledcheesapolooza HERE.

Ominocity caught up with Kellan Thackeray, the head cheese of the festival, for the scoop on this year’s event and for grilled cheese recipes.

Ominocity: What can people expect from this year’s Grilledcheesapalooza? Anything new?

Kellan Thackeray: Yes! we have been working on new lay out designs and have been trying to “up the ante” on our stage set up and line up. After last year, where we needed to improve was apparent. We are always working on bettering ourselves and organization. We are trying to give people a safe, loving, polished, energetic environment filled with fun and new experiences that will act as a backdrop for some unforgettable memories to come to fruition.

OM: Any new twist on the grilled cheese sandwiches themselves?

KT: We have some big things planned for the delectable grilled cheeses, cant reveal anything yet…. But we have been taking notes from