Octoberman – Download of the Week

Octoberman release new album entitled Waiting in the Well

Octoberman’s fourth album Waiting in the Well opens with a couple of noticeably upbeat folk rock tunes that set the tone for an album that will serve you well this summer in the still, bright mornings after a night of righteous partying.

Marc Morrissette was never the best singer in Canada, and his voice on Waiting has a particularly fragile sound due to a vocal polyp he developed while recording. The songs are no less striking though, and Morrissette’s injured voice adds to the already earnest delivery he’s always had.

While songs of frustration and seeming hopelessness might not be the most obvious summertime groove, the instrumentations swing things closer to road trip soundtrack territory than sad sack stoop sits. Synth on an Octoberman track? Jangly guitar pop hooks? Jim Guthrie’s co-production was an undeniable influence on the recordings. Octoberman regulars Shaun Brodie and Randy Lee (trumpet/violin) both return, but Morrissette also borrowed some talent from bands like the Wilderness of Manitoba, Muskox, the Fembots, Two-Minute Miracle, and Cuff the Duke to flesh out the album’s sound while his voice recovered.

The result is something well worth throwing on throughout summer 2012. I get the feeling this album will only get better with every listen.

–Contributed by Dana Durell